Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Greetings from MIKKEL.. the Mr. Mainz.

Ross! Where did your lovely note go! The one about what you are doing in these days.And that we should continue the thing we have on this blog. sorry I have been so busy with directing, but it was so good to see both of you at your wedding John. here I am about to finish storyboarding for today, our deadline is next week. I want to show you our colorscript even though it might be a good thing not to show too much around on the internet. I hope you are both REALLY happy and excited about all the things you have going on so close to christmas. a new lovely little Babygirl.. w a beautiful and sweet wife.. so crazy. I have met a really lovely girl too. I must say. she really makes me happy in these times. and she is a cool artist too, who loves to travel. well. my birthday is coming up the 16th of december! let's keep this thing going! :*

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  1. Hey! I don't know what happened to that previous post, weird. But anyhow, I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing well. I really want to post more and more, but I have a lot I need to finish soon. At any rate, I'll get my crap together soon enough. Cheers!