Friday, April 25, 2014

Is there...anyone there...isn't there...anyone?

Two years have past since Kebab House received its last entry. The dust has collected, the lichen has grown thick on its pages. The lights are all dim, swinging from the ceiling on crusty wires. There is a damp smell akin to old garbage cans left unattended.

BUT WAIT. I throw the lights, my eyes aching, grumbling a sound that is annoyance and excitement rolled into one. There are scattered papers on the ground, not sure where to begin. There is a window nearby with the curtains closed. A faint glimmer of sunlight is at its edges. I put up the curtains and instantly the house is lit up again. The kebab house.

(I have a soundtrack to attach.)

So with that, I feel like I can bring some much needed life into this otherwise lifeless blog. I have no idea what direction the Kebab House can be headed towards, but guys, let's get our lobster claws a snapping.