Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

For my fellow kebabs...

Here is a choice mix of songs that I put together for you guys. I realized the other day that it has been a year since we've all been together and thought about all the good times we've shared. So here's to the future and may we continue to keep in touch like this. Kebabs.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Carbon Made

Hey y'all. I found this nifty website awhile back that lets you create a professional flash based portfolio to display your work online. I made a quick page with just some random scribblings that I did a few semesters ago.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

huge funny for mikkel

Mikkel you will get a huge funny out of this i think if you haven't seen it yet: i am sure ross has already seen this but i just think these commercials are super hilariouso

Saturday, July 10, 2010


I really like this thing we have going on. the kebabhouse! it is alive! and it is so funny to read the comments we give each other. I just looked back on the old ones and added some. I am in Italy right now, and I have taken some good pictures of faces in random objects I look forward to upload. see you soon, and a happy summer to y'all!! ;)

Friday, July 9, 2010

The Moon Her Majesty by the sun blindness

The Moon Her Majesty by the sun blindness
This song is by an awesome Australian band that I play for Nicholas when he is having a hard time falling asleep. It's great, ethereal chillout music. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


Ross! You should definitely try to control your lucid dream if you can. I have been witing until I dream like that again to try it, but it seems like I never can remember to do it when I am there. Also, Mikkel your dream was very interesting. You should definitely make it into a short comic or something. I cannot think of any dreams that are interesting that I have had lately, but I have been playing around with the idea of started a dream journal, where I draw what happened in the dream when I wake up. Anywhoser, this is a picture of a painting that I did using melted crayons and watercolors made from blending grasses. It so fun to experiment like that! BLAMMO!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

picture to the dream I had

By the way... AHEM. this is the crowning of Karl the First of Napoli. show him some respect guys. a king. he was son of the french king, who in 1262 granted him the kingdom of sicilia and Napoli. he lost sicilia in 1266 though. anyways, just a fact......... and it was bishop clements who crowned him. just if you wanted to know.

also a dream I had the other night. it was so cool to hear about your dream Ross!

it was a dream that started out with me as an old man, I wanted to tell about how I met a real friend. then it went back in time... I was a king in my fortress somewhere far away in a poor country (something like thailand). my fortress consisted of a park and lots of apartments, and everyone served me fine and really looked up to me. then one day, I saw my captain hurting one of the people with weapons (which were not legal in my city), and I, thee king, shouted Stop. I got angry with him because he said that it was necessary to show the people who was in charge. I refused and said, Nay, it is not. I was completely convinced that they would serve much better if you were friendly towards them. I chose to send him away and make him an outcast óf the city, he was not pleased that he could not come back. anyways. time went by and I walked around on my streets. suddenly, the apartments were bombed, and tanks came into my fortress, soldiers shot my people but not me. we could not do anything. it was my old captain who lead the attack, and he wanted me alive. he took my royal clothes away from me, and gave me a beggar's outfit and a little money - a 900 paper dollar, and a 100 paper dollar. then he said, now you can try being an outcast yourself, no one will accept you. and then the gates closed behind me and I started to walk out where I had not been before... the wilderness. I followed the road signs in the forrest and people spitted and laughed at me. suddenly I came to the real city, like New York, something so big that I had never seen the like. people still saw me like trash, but then I met an old man, he was a beggar and he lived with some other beggars on a street corner and slept on old couches. he invited me over and treated me nice, he gave me a coin and said that they always shared the money they each had begged to get through the day, and that I could stay for as long as I wanted.The old man never thought about himself, he cared only for others, and that was rare for me to see, I had payed people to be like that when I was king. anyways, there was a beautiful lady-begger (Malene), and she was funny and said what she wanted and felt, I became very close with her and we shared a couch. I took the coin and the 900 bill in one pocket, and the 100 bill in the other in case I got robbed. it made sense for some reason to do it like that, and it worked! because, one night a robber came and said, give me ALL your money beggar! I said alright choose the pocket you want and you will get it. if the robber chose the pocket with the 900 bill, Then I would give him the coin insead. but he chose the other one and got the 100 dollar bill. which was a lot more than he expected. so he was happy and went away. Malene was sad (my lady beggar friend), but then I showed her the 900 bill. I now said that we would have to live cheap, and buy super market sandwitches instead of restaurante. she agreed but said that she insisted on buying cashua nuts for 2 dollars every day. and that was fine with me, as long as she was happy, and we could survive. we lived like this for a while, and I got used to live cheap and be happy because of my new friends. suddenly I met two of my old servants from my younger days (two of my childhood friends), one of them was schluter, he worked in a restaurante now and he was really happy to see me, but did not understand why I was a beggar now. I told him the story, and he understood, he told me where to find my other friend/servant, simon, who now also worked in the city. we became friends, and I got to know them personally. instead of being their king I became their equal if not lower than that. but because of me being their old king, which they knew I were, they wanted to give me food and liquid. I lived like that for a long time. suddenly, my two old servants, now great friends, said, that people from my kingdom looked for me and the captain had been forced out again. but then I realised, that I had never felt better than I did now before, and even though it had been hard living like that, it had never been with someone I was close to. and even though I had a whole city who looked up to me before, I now had a few persons who I really cared for and really cared for me, and that made me happy. so I ignored the message... and then I woke up.

the most crazy part was that later that day, I turned on the radio where they said that 500 years ago at this time of year, it was common for the king to blend in with the people and dress up as a beggar, and let a beggar be king for one day. freaky coincidence, the same day I had the dream. anyways, I thought about making a short comic about it, shortening it down, just for fun, do you think that would be a good idea? and thanks for reading this much of my unpredictable mind! it is awesome what the human can dream. brilliant theme you came up with ross! very inspiring :)