Wednesday, July 29, 2009

way to go us!

alright guyses. we should start this thing. just feel free to make any changes to the format or anything, and i was thinking that the way we could do this is take turns on the frames like we did at the beach house. We dont really need to have a set schedule either or anything like that unless you guys want (cause that way if we get really busy we dont feel obligated to stress out), and i definitely think we could post personal works also to show each other too, you know, cause i do enjoy seeing your guyses stuffs. but, for the comic strip stuff, we could post each frome as a seperate picture and then as a final picture we could combine all of the frames with photoshop or something. we dont have to do that if you guys dont want, though. just leave a post if you are ready or want to change something and then i guess we can figure it out as we go