Sunday, July 17, 2011

Summer daze...

Gentlemen! I haven't posted anything really substantial in a while and figured it was time enough to do just that. I hope your summers are going well and that you are finding time in between busy and hectic schedules for yourselves. For me, leisure time is hard to come by nowadays. I have become quite an expert juggler (figuratively of course; juggling work, school, and husbandry/fatherhood), but I still manage to keep my sanity in tact and enjoy life like I've always done. I think people could learn a lot from dreamers. Cynicism is rampant among everyone that I know and it drives me crazy to think that they will never realize that there is no use in sweating the small stuff. Today was the worst work day I've had in a long time, and consequently the first time I've literally "raged out" in years. But there is nothing that a long nap can't fix! I am digressing quite a lot here, you'll have to forgive me. So in bringing this post to a close I would like to extend my best wishes to both of you and hope that we will be together again soon. Happy summer!


  1. I am sorry to hear that ross sir. You don't get mad easily, so whoever it was must have definitely deserved it haha. I agree, don't ever quit dreaming and never sweat the small stuff. Life would be so boring otherwise. One of these days, we will have our own studio doing what we love! Right now, we just have to keep striving for that. I think that you have been an excellent juggler Ross and I hope that I will be as good a juggler when I have my own family ;)

  2. nice to hear a little story from your life and some lifethinking on the way. we can all get there my friend, and this summer was no exception for me. I also had a really angry moment when some pocket thief stole my hat and my camera in Budapest, shit it was all my pictures from france, Roskilde festival, my eurotrip and other stuff. well, it probably built up, since I am in the middle of moving into a new department with 3 friends from my class. but I have a lot of stuff. and at the same time I need to work on my showreel and have my bachelor film pitch ready by the end of the summer. A lot to see to. plus the whole single situation, I saw Malene again in the summer, and she was of course as lovely, but not mine anymore, so that also took some thinking. oh man, good to jut throw everything out sometimes. Dreaming is important! many can learn from us, joy, laughter and goodfeeling are worth much more than gold. I am also working on my comic again, my god, it is good, and it is 426 pages long so far. I need to fix some things in the beginning. How much do you guys get to sketch in these days?